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  1. Fri, May 21 2010

    9:00 PM

    Larimer Lounge
    Denver, CO

  2. Local Natives w/ Suckers
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Erin Yepis logan killpack Valina Martinez weber James Irvine Amanda Brockbank sammi davis Mandi Huggins Billy Thieme Lena Tenenbaum
Jen Kaufman Stephanie Simons Inna Palma kyle wofford kimmy gillem Sarah Micah Max Brian Angela Lappen Zach Mitchell
Steve Batchelder scott healey tasia sinn David Coleman Anna Hoessle Mary Sullivan Bob Guerrero Twist 'n' Shout miranda cowling K. Martini
jen wolchansky Georgina Guidotti ryan bowlby lucas Javier Santalla Pulli Austin Adams andrea ball Guiche Pierce Jr.  


logan killpacklkillpack said: over 4 years ago

The larimer website says this is sold out!! Anybody have any extra tickets for sale? any help is greatly appreciated!!!

logan killpacklkillpack said: over 4 years ago

anybody?? This is a week away and I really want to line somethin up. Really appreciate the help in advance!

Briangrymes said: over 4 years ago

Folks are looking to spend $60 on craigslist. I’d post there if you are willing to throw down, but gesus that’s a lot of loot for a little Local Natives. I watched them open for Edward Sharpe in Boulder. Their good, but are they $60 good?

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