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  1. Fri, Mar 19 2010

    9:00 PM

    Ogden Theater
    Denver, CO

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Valina Martinez daniel trigo Erin Yepis Rocky Morris james sutherlin April D Guiche Pierce Jr. adrien mirhashemi Jonathan Keller Rande Kamolz
Bob Guerrero scott healey Pulli lynn osikowicz greg verzosa Jonas DiCaprio Kristopher Coe sammi davis Kate Willeford Inna Palma
Nichole Covington rod jerkins Bethany Kelly Michael Courtney Brian Lauren Winton Zach Mitchell Astra Era jeanie straub ryan bowlby
Janine Armstrong alex klinger expungebob Ryan Crone Tyler Campo ricardo baca Jessica McCormick Jenn Sung Liz Mio Nagashima
Phiilp eaton Adam Gildar Dan Moore Jennifer Simmons Eryc Eyl Mandy Hughes Twist 'n' Shout Bay J Jerod Shepard Brianna Kapell
Jen Kaufman Eric Elkins Stacy Smith laura vargas Caroline Meyers d b Sarah Yeargan Chad Troyer Anna Sun Kevin Collins
Sam Van Wetter Josh Khalil Felipe Lins Mark Star Mary Sullivan r t Amanda Brockbank Cristina Gonzales Bas Jan Ader Brooke Marcellino
Katie Millard                  


Guiche Pierce Jr.avantgardner said: over 5 years ago

discovery tour dates??

Guiche Pierce Jr.avantgardner said: over 5 years ago

sold out

Jenn SungJenn said: over 5 years ago

Please let me win!

Zach Mitchellzmitchell302 said: over 5 years ago

dont listen to her! give them to me!

Astra EraAstra Teresa said: over 5 years ago

Don’t listen to either one of them. Please let me win!

daniel trigotrigod said: over 5 years ago

I’m gunna b da owner of dem dare tickets boss

Lyndsay Taylorsurrealyzm said: over 5 years ago

In the name of love…I NEED TO WIN THESE TICKETS! I wanna take a really cute boy…I think I’d win him over with a pair of tickets to one of his favorites…

daniel trigotrigod said: over 5 years ago

U would win me over for sure……

Kirsten Marshallthekirsten said: over 5 years ago

I want to win sooooo bad I will promise you my first born child and my best cow!!

Grethe Runsodthewalk said: over 5 years ago

My soul will literally crumble, turn to dust, and blow forever away into the winds of infinity if I can’t go to this show. Eeeeeeeeeek.

Stacy SmithStacy said: over 5 years ago

Thank you, my lovely little generous bot of gigs!!! I, and a friend, will be there with bells on!

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