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  1. Fri, Apr 24 2009

    8:00 PM

    Marquis Theater
    Denver, CO

  2. The Thermals w/ The Shaky Hands, Point Juncture, WA
    All Ages
  3. $14.00 More Info Add to Google Cal

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Lance Stack Scott Russell Christopher GIlbert Luke Hunter James-Erickson Miles Buckingham Liz Fagen Denver Events Cara Webb john fate Jason Millenson
Mio Nagashima kyle wofford Nicole Berzins Rachel Castillo matt wilson naomi kohles Bree Davies Guiche Pierce Jr. Joel Abell Daniel Williams
james sutherlin Jon Stocking Victoria Dolan Chad Waleik Kate Willeford logan killpack        


Miles Buckinghammilesbuckingham said: over 6 years ago

This is brutal! Thermals, My Bloody Valentine and the Giraffes on the same night

ricardo bacabaca said: over 6 years ago

Ain’t no competition, Miles.
We’ll wander from the Filly to the LL after MBV, and we’ll keep our earplugs where they belong for the whole evening.
As for the Thermals, we’ll catch them in six months when they come back through Denver.

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