New York, NY (September 17, 2014) – Maddy Wyatt will never have wisdom teeth. Her dentist told her it’s because she’s so highly evolved, but he probably says that to all the girls. Nonetheless, she believes in change as a constant. Especially for the better and most especially when it comes to music. WYATT will release the new EP, Here Comes Everybody on November 11, 2014.

WYATT’s music is born out of the Colorado calm and NYC craze that have molded Maddy as a writer. It continues on the folk/pop path they’ve forged, but this time it’s infused with bits of psychedelia, California dreaming and French revolution.

Maddy, Paul, and Alex Wyatt grew up outside Denver, right where the mountains start and WYATT’s music is influenced by the space, peace and grandeur that Colorado exudes. Coming from French Canadian stock on their dad’s side, and having been taught songs in French from a very early age, it was fairly inevitable that Maddy would start writing songs in French. She embraces the inherent beauty and flow of the language, and enjoys the challenge of writing in a second language, as it forces her to keep things simple and efficient as she puts the pen to paper.

The album title came about through a late night dinner on Christmas Eve. The topic was religion. The three kids had gone their own ways, but their dad (a music director for the Catholic church) threw out this moniker from the 70’s, drawn from James Joyce – “Here Comes Everybody.” It struck a chord with Maddy — spiritually perhaps, but more importantly as a call to arms for the band itself.

Here Comes Everybody kicks off with the layered synth and electric guitar lines of “Palacyum”, leading to the Francophone ode-to-summer, “L’été”, the first song Maddy ever wrote entirely in French. “Up & Up”, the agitated rocker in 13/8 time follows until things take another turn back to French with “4 & 20”. Not completely though, as the second verse is a direct English translation of the first, and builds to a reminder of embracing the moments in life when everything feels just about perfect (“I understood today how beautiful life can be / I swear to never forget / I’ll hold each moment to me / Vow to keep my eyes open”).

This final song on the EP encapsulates all the themes of the previous songs, and puts a sheen of acceptance and love on top. It is so titled (“Walking Down 6th Avenue In The Sun”) because the lyric poured quickly out of Maddy’s head as she was walking to the train in her Brooklyn neighborhood, feeling slightly overwhelmed by life, but also knowing she could handle it. Musically, it is the simplest and most straightforward, and builds to a final verse that lays out Maddy’s overriding philosophy: “Be a light to the people / They are God / Lift them up inside you / Everyone on their way / Off getting through the day / But in a moment / Love will come back to you.”

Here Comes Everybody is produced by Matthew Maroulakos (Waking Lights) and Grant Zubritsky (Alex Winston, Nina Persson) at The Den Studios in Woodland Park, NJ. It was mixed by Dave Robertson (Dangly Studios) in Brooklyn, NY and mastered by Hans DeKline (Sound Bites Dog) in Los Angeles, CA.

WYATT will be on the road through the Fall in support of the Here Comes Everybody.

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