World Citizens

World Citizens


World Citizens is an ever-evolving musical brainchild of Ahmad JP, a sound artist and MC from SW Michigan now living in Denver, CO. At age 10 he started his woodwind carrier and has recently returned to the Saxophone after 8 years straying from his passion of making music. Spinning off an already established world organization, World Citizens Music is now an open collective. Originally taking shape as a hip hop group with MC Samadhi and vocalist Ms. Cane. Today, WChiphop is hanging upside down in a cocoon transforming into it’s next stage of life.

The vision: A guild of artists, all inline with the basic function of life. To live, let live and make music. Any kind of music. We are connecting a gamut of genres to present in part or as a multi hour collage of sound therapy.

The concept of being a “world citizen” was conceived by WWII veteran, Gary Davis who along with many supporters has formed a functioning organization registering millions of committed world citizens and even issuing semi functional passports.

“The world belongs to the people who inhabit it. We have the right to change it, shape it, & nurture it. Life in the universe is unimaginably rare. It must be be protected, respected, & cherished.” ~Gary Davis

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