The lifelong musicians are old schoolmates, brought together at university from all corners of the country. They immediately took their shared love of 60s and 70s classic rock, early 90s alternative rock, modern pop and r&b and began rehearsing earnestly in a basement that seemed to flood on a weekly basis. The results of these aquatic sessions were what would ultimately become their critically acclaimed debut release, 2010’s Primary Colors.

Hailed as one of Denver’s top rock acts, The Foot. entered the national scene at New York City’s CMJ 2010. Urb Magazine declared them “one of the 15 acts you wish you saw at CMJ” alongside such acts as Das Racist and Two Door Cinema Club. After making several swings across the country, playing some of the most prestigious venues at home, and playing with some of the most respected artists on the national stage, The Foot. has begun work on a series of EPs, the second and third of which were released in early Spring 2012. As if that wasn’t enough, they are continuing to pursue a rigorous touring schedule, write, and shimmy their way into all of your lives, of course.

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