Shock and Awe!!!

Shock and Awe!!!


Hailing from the Leucadian depths of San Diego and born from the blood of vampire this psychedelic rock trio has been seen appearing around SD sporadically only to melt faces and bathe in darkness followed by their quick retreat into the shadows. Shock & Awe is made up of three of the areas most respected artists. With Forrest “Lord Nelson” Seguin (Ari Shine, Silverbird, The Q) on bass and vocals, and the San Diego Music Award winners: Evan “The Ill Seed” Caleb (Candye Kane) on drums, and Isaiah “Catfish” Mitchell (Earthless, Juan Peso, Nebula) on guitar and lead vocals; Shock & Awe bring the mix of rhythm, rock and evil needed to fuel the beast that has been changing lives of followers since their first shows. Shock & Awe possess the ability to commandeer the identity of bands like Roky Erikson (Thirteenth Floor Elevators), ZZ Top, and Black Sabbath. The set will leave the strong crippled, the weak shattered, and the virgins impregnated. Talks are that the county has gathered prominent officials to author legislation banning future performances of Shock & Awe due to the overwhelming amount of devastation to person and property that each show has proven to cause. Don’t deprive yourself of the opportunity to feel the darkness pump through you. See Shock & Awe.

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