Until Nine Inch Nails crossed over to the mainstream, Ministry did more than any other band to popularize industrial dance music, injecting large doses of punky, over-the-top aggression and roaring heavy metal guitar riffs that helped their music find favor with metal and alternative audiences outside of industrial’s cult fan base.

Founder Al Jourgensen started Ministry in 1980. Multi-platinum selling artist, six-time Grammy nominated. Seminal album The Land of Rape & Honey launched the industrial revolution.

In 2012 they returned with the very thrash, very angry studio album Relapse with the ironically titled live album Enjoy the Quiet following in 2013. The studio album From Beer to Eternity also appeared in 2013, honoring longtime Ministry guitarist Mike Scaccia, who had passed away after suffering heart failure while on-stage performing with his other band, Rigor Mortis.

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