MERIDIAN, the alternative hardcore band from Poughkeepsie, NY, formed in the spring of 2012. The band started as most do; after members from a few stagnant bands in area decided to come together and start a new project that would help them breathe life into a dying scene. After self-releasing their first record in 2013, Reformation, the band developed an increasingly loyal following throughout the East Coast within just a year and decided it was time to start touring. After a few runs along the coast, it became clear that the band’s hard-hitting, emotional lyricism began to resonate with fans, as MERIDIAN touched on topics like depression, self-perseverance and child-neglect. When asked what words would best describe their music, MERIDIAN bass player, Chris Titer, answered simply “Passionate and gimmick-free.. This is all we’ve ever known.. It’s the only thing that makes sense to us.”

As of the year 2014, the members of MERIDIAN are under the age of 21, including 17 year old drummer, Ronnie Scocozza, and 18 year old bassist, Titer. The future is shining bright for the young band after adding Juan Espinosa as lead guitarist and signing to big-name, independent label, Victory Records, shortly after in early 2014. Currently writing their debut full length, MERIDIAN is on track to hit the studio this May. With the addition of Espinosa and a major label behind them, not many can predict what their Victory-debut will sound like, but it can be said with utmost certainty that it will be full to the brim with impassioned musicality and will push the boundaries of melodic,rhythmic hardcore as far as they can go.

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