Amidst a haze of sepia-tinged delirium, the swirling reverb-cloaked concoctions of Toronto, Canada’s Memoryhouse exist to soundtrack the indelible moments residing in the obscure backrooms of memory. Translating songwriter Evan Abeele’s experience with classical modes and modern ambient composition, Memoryhouse create vivid depictions of surrealist beauty, unfolding with crystalline clarity and with a gentle vulnerability both lush and subtle. Accompanied by singer Denise Nouvion’s tender, nostalgic vocal delivery, Memoryhouse renders the blending of the contemporary with the forgotten, the traditional and the technological, the visual and the aural, forged within the sonographic landscapes of ‘dream pop’.

With the release of their debut E.P. The Years as a free download in January 2010, Memoryhouse garnered attention from notable indie music institutions such as Pitchfork Media and Gorilla vs. Bear, as well as receiving high acclaim from international magazines such as France’s Magic RPM. Their forthcoming release Looms of Youth on Arcade Sound LTD will not only refine the dreamy aesthetics introduced on The Years, but will explore new and exciting territory aided by their unique microscopic focus on sound and texture.

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