“Breaking up is hard to do, and perhaps that explains the underlying angst in the music of Le Divorce. That, or maybe it’s the band’s unapologetic love of ‘90s alt-rock, which you can hear in its moody, distorted tunes that nod to grunge, classic indie rock, and shoegaze without ever going full retro. Regardless of where that moody edge comes from, it drives Le Divorce, but don’t make the mistake of assuming this is another band heavy on atmosphere and light on songcraft—the tunes are more than capable of delivering on the promise of the band’s sound.” —The Onion A.V. Club

“Le Divorce, a Denver “supergroup” that’s rising quickly in popularity (they opened for Liz Phair earlier in the week before Saturday’s show), played a strong set focused on their unabashedly ‘90s sound before 200 Million Years, and nearly took the night away from the headliners. Anchored by Kitty Vincent’s powerful, throaty vocals and accomplished guitar, the foursome had no trouble endearing a large crowd with their 50 minute set. Vincent, who sings with Johnette Napolitano’s depth and PJ Harvey’s intensity, filled up most of the stage with her personality, and was well met in banter by bassist Ryan Stubbs and guitarist Joe Grobelny between songs, and in noisy, passionate sonics during them, while drummer Chris Durant maintained the rock beat from behind the three"
—Billy Thieme, Hey Reverb, Denver Post

“The quartet of frontwoman/guitarist Kitty Vincent, guitarist Joe Grobelny, bassist Ryan Stubbs and drummer Chris Durant plays a darkly sensual and moody strain of indie rock that borrows as much from Concrete Blonde as it does from Joy Division.” —Eryc Eyl, Hey Reverb, Denver Post

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