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When you see d.biddle, one thing immediately strikes you and that is that d.biddle plays from the heart. There is never a performance that you walk away from thinking “this band phoned it in.” Furthermore, they are a band that knows how to translate their emotion to recording. d.biddle’s songs are at once dark and uplifting, brooding and cathartic. Front man and founder, Duncan Barlow, should know a thing or two about music that evokes emotion in his listeners, as he was the principle songwriter and founder of bands like Endpoint, Guilt, and By the Grace of God (all of which had the reputation of incredible live shows and a cult-like following of fans).

d.biddle is a band that leaves its listeners satisfied. With solid song structures, well-placed and meaningful lyrics, and a tight rhythm section, the band has garnered a reputation as a must see band in the Rocky Mountain region.

d.biddle began when Barlow decided to record a few acoustic songs, but over time the project slowly developed into a rock band that gained the reputation as the best live band in Denver, Colorado. There were a few incarnations on the road to the current band, which enlists music veterans Johnathan Till (Hearts of Palm and Roper), Jeff Davenport (Meese, Porlolo, and Dust on the Breakers), and Drew Burleson (Lion
Sized and the Symptoms).

2008 brings about the bands long awaited third release “Rabbit and the Moon,” which was recorded with Colin Bricker (Devotchka and The Czars) Spending well over a year on the recording, (throwing out two previously mixed versions in the process). With this new record, d.biddle prove that they are a creative force with which to be reckoned. The songs are compelling, at times bordering epic, and ask for an active engagement with their listeners. d.biddle is currently preparing to embark on a U.S. tour to support the

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