With the talent and poise of a seasoned veteran Caleb Slade croons ballads of composed beauty. Reaching to the depths he brings to the surface impassioned feelings and emotions while taking listners on a musical journey. Keep an ear to the street as Caleb spreads his musical genious to all corners of the globe.

“Individually his songs tell stories. Engaging tales of love and revenge; hope and reason. Together, they convey a message that the path to bliss is not ignorance, but intellectual honesty.

As compositions, his songs are full of bravado: Strong vocals backed by steady and rhythmic piano. Their cinematic qualities create scenes of people finding the authentic victory in defeat and the determination to live a worthwhile life."

“It’s very unusual for an artist to show all the hallmarks of an accomplished recording artist so early, but that’s exactly what Slade does. The quality of his EP is breathtaking, not only does it show great promise but also demonstrates his tremendous talent.”

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