With all of the disturbing change California is facing these days, be it financial, social, or political, it would seem a stretch to call it anything but doomed. Heck, even the weather seems to have left the once seemingly endless sunny shores. Fortunately, there is still hope to be found. A hope that has risen before when all seemed dire, and that hope is in the music from the Best Coast. An appropriate name for a musical project that hearkens the days of surfer rock from it’s majestic heyday of the 1960s.

It is easy enough to imagine Bethany Cosentino in a brightly colored go-go dress, thigh high boots and possibly a beehive hairdo, as she swoons to the swaying rhythm of her and fellow bandmate Bobb Bruno’s songs. And though the imagery might not be factual, the music certainly is. Inspired by such acts as the Ronettes, Connie Francis, and Patsy Cline, with a heavy dose of reverb and a dash of lo-fi, Best Coast is currently doing quite well from sea to shining sea.

Their first full length album, Crazy for You, released in July of 2010, has had a very positive critical and popular reception, even cracking the Billboard Top 40 in August of the same year. They have been featured on Jimmy Fallon, named as one of the best albums of the year by Spin Magazine, and generally reached mass popularity at a rate most bands can only dream of. From this point on it is anyone’s guess as to what the future holds, but it surely is refreshing to hear such uplifting music coming from the West Coast. If Ms. Cosentino continues to write such happy and dreamy melodies, perhaps the West Coast can continue to vie for the title of Best Coast.


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